Our Coffees

Solstice is a Cleveland-based company established in 1993 that has evolved into a premium coffee roaster. Their Fresh Roast Coffees are 100% Arabica, estate grown and blended, and are certified premium quality. As much as possible, their coffees are sustainably grown, often organic and direct trade. Consistent with Solstice’s intention to ba an environmentally and socially responsible company that supports and distributes sustainable, organic gourmet beverages. Solstice purchases premium green coffee, blends and roasts in small batches and distributes from their Cleveland-based roastery. The result is an array of unique, custom roasted coffees that reach their full flavor potential.

Bistro Blend

A blend of lightly roasted premium Guatemalan Antigua, Brazilian Cerrado and Mexican High grown beans. Low acidity and medium body with a rich smooth flavor.

Brazil Santos Direct Trade

From the Alta Mogiana region of Brazil. Low acidity, well rounded, balanced, fruity and consistently smooth.

Fair Trade Decaf

100% Columbian Swiss Water Processed Beans, which is a trademarked decaffeination method that removes caffeine from coffee beans using hot water, steam, and activated charcoal rather than chemicals or solvents.

Mocha Java

Blend of Ethiopian Sidamo and Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling. Said to be the world’s oldest coffee bland. Full bodied with a rich nutty taste, complex aroma and hints of cacao.


Northern Tanzania. Full bodied medium acidity with bright floral notes. Somewhat fruity with hints of cacao and cinnamon.

Premier Blend

Blend of Natural Ethiopian Sidamo and Brazil Cerrado. Ethiopian Sidamo is said to be the finest from the African Continent. Coffee profile is earthy, grassy with lemony and berry-like brightness.


Ethiopian Sidamo, Indonesian Sumatra, Mandheling Fair Trade Organic and Fair Trade Papua New Guinea. An exotic big and bold roast. Smooth start and complex full bodied taste.